Sunday, 3 June 2012

May Skirt Challenge

Right - so I know it is now June 3...
...I ran a little late...
I did make most of this skirt in May.
It's my contribution to Curly Pop's 
So, the deal was to choose a skirt pattern you love, pick your most fantabulous fabric, sew, sew, sew - and show off via your blog.
And here is my 3-day-late offering:
(Delightfully modelled by my lovely daughter :)

And here's the show-off bit - 
I designed it myself!
This involved  slew of concept drawings, third scale design drawing, drafting a pattern, constructing a toile and creating this masterpiece!
"Kathy's A-Line Skirt with Faux Wrap Feature"

See the flirty faux wrap blowing in the breeze - and no chance of a flash of leg to distract passing motorists! AND the twin ties - that serve no purpose at all other than decoration!
And finally - I have mastered the invisible zip - though  it probably should sit a little higher, (I might have to pop in a discreet hook and eye).                                                                                           Not shown is the facing in the print contrast fabric for a bit of only-I-will-know-about-it bling :)

It probably goes without saying that I am quite proud of myself for creating this.
It is actually a project for my Fashion Design course - which is the main reason my daughter is wearing it rather than me. At this stage of the course we are required to make garments of a standard size (10-12-14)........and I am more of a 16-18 (sigh). 
So, despite it fitting my daughter it will probably go to my mum.
(Megan usually wears skirts that are much shorter - and doesn't mind so much if the breeze helps show off a bit of leg!)
Pop over to Curly Pops and check out all the other really wonderful skirts people created in May :)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
It's finally feeling like winter here in Launceston, though the sun was shining this morning
 and Mr SHH and I went for long walk along the river.
Turning cold now - I must get on with my granny square rug! Not long now I think :)



  1. Well done Cathy, your skirt is beautiful, You did such a good job.

  2. Wow - you designed and made the pattern as well. That is brilliant! Congratulations.
    Thankyou sooo much for joining in the fun! I'll be blogging more challengers this week.

  3. You can be proud of your work Kathy !! It's a lovely skirt !

  4. Great skirt Kathy... well done...

  5. fantastic skirt kathy - you should upsize it so it fits us more mature women - i'm your size and think this'd look great on us!

  6. Love the skirt looks great on your daughter. Melanie x


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